Linseed Oil

Linseed_Oil_Oilseedproductsl_1.jpgLinseed oil is also known as Flaxseed oil and is extracted from the dried seeds of the flax plant. Linseed oil has excellent drying properties and it is used as a preservative for wood and as an ingredient for varnishes, paints, stains and putty’s.

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We offer three grades of linseed oil.

  • Crude (Raw) Linseed: has no additional additives or preservatives. Crude linseed oil is slow drying.
  • Alkali Refined Linseed: refined to remove gums, waxes, phosphatides and free fatty acid and to impart uniform colour and deodorise.
  • Pale Boiled Linseed: has had drying agents added to the linseed oil, thereby making it quicker drying than the other two grade.

Linseed Oil is available in the following pack sizes

  • Bulk
  • 1000L Intermediate bulk containers
  • 190kg Drum

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